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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Welcome To The Woods!

What's New?
31 March 2013: Added a few pics of the Fridge and Freezer Thermometer. This will let me monitor the current temp and the recorded min and max temps, and it has alarms for both transmitters.

29 March 2013: Finished up the Sewer Hose Mod today. My Greyhawk came with a dedicated compartment for the sewer hose but the convenient RhinoFlex brand wouldn't fit in there. I enlarged the opening and replaced the pipe with a 5"x5" vinyl fencepost, then put a plastic gutter pipe in there. Now it all fits! And I can use the gutter pipe as a hose support during dumping.

27 March 2013: I'm breaking up the individual mods onto their own pages, so I separated the Window Insulation page from the Winter Mods page, and gave the TV Wardrobe Mod its own page. Gonna do away with the Comfort Mods page now that each mod will get its own space.

26 March 2013: Just finished adding thermal curtains hang from the cabover so I can stop the heat transfer from the cab to the cabin. It'll keep the cabin warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Click Here for the details.

26 March 2013: Since our couch is on the slide-out, it sits a little high and we wanted an ottoman to make it more comfortable. We got a storage ottoman from Walmart...it's an ottoman, a table, and my son can use it to climb into the cabover bed so we don't need to bring the ladder anymore. Click Here for the details.

16 February 2013: Just switched the bedroom TV from the top section to the middle section of the wardrobe so the picture won't look blacked out when we're laying in bed, then used the drawer face to make an overhead cabinet. That roughly doubles the usable storage area in the middle section. Click Here for the details.

22 January 2013: Started a page on Winter Mods and Tips to catalog changes we've made to the RV and tips to make winter RVing easier.

22 January 2013: Started on the Future Projects page to track some of the research on things I plan on doing in the future, like solar power and RV skirting. I'd be interested in your comments if you have experience in any of those things!

I'll move these to the Mods pages as I get them done.

21 January 2013: Created site and added Our Greyhawk page with pics of our first RV!

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