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Fridge Thermometer

I wanted to know what temps my fridge and freezer were carrying, but I didn't want to open the door and let out the cold air every time. This is important at the beginning of trips because RV fridges usually take a while to get going and bring the temps down, and in really hot or really cold weather they can stop working effectively.

Email me with any tips and tricks you've found useful, tweaks to what I've done here, etc.!

Kitchen Essentials Wireless Digital Thermometer
I went with the Kitchen Essentials Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometer for $40 from Amazon. It has two wireless transmitters - one for the fridge and one for the freezer - and one receiver. It also record min and max temps for each transmitter, and has an alarm to warn you if the temps are outside limits that I can set independently.
The transmitters have a clip and a suction cup. I removed the suction cup and just clipped them to the bottom of the wire shelves where they'd be out of the way. For some reason they recommend putting transmitter one in the fridge and transmitter two in the freezer...not sure why it would make a difference but I did what they recommended.

Here's the #2 transmitter in the freezer...it's on the left under the wire shelf.

And the fridge. The transmitter is on the left side, attached to the bottom side of the middle full shelf on top. It's the dark spot.

Exciting pictures, I know...

The receiver has magnets on the back so you can stick it to the fridge door...but mine isn't metal so it doesn't stick. I used Command velcro tabs to put it inside my monitoring station cabinet and I like it better here anyway. It's the white box on the top.

My RV doesn't have a full trip computer with outside temps and such, so I got two sets of these thermometers. I'll put one in the propane tank compartment so it's exposed to outside temps but protected from the elements, and put the other one next to the water pump. Haven't tested this one yet...if the transmitters are on the same frequency, it won't work. (Wish I had thought of that before I ordered them!)

More to follow as I see how well this gadget works!

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