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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Future Projects

RV Skirting
Wind blowing underneath the RV steals heat by convection. Adding something to block that wind will stop a lot of that heat loss. Skirting can be semi-permanent like plywood or insulation board, but that takes longer to customize to the site.

I like the idea of this vinyl skirting from rvskirting.com because it attaches to the RV at a place where it can block a lot of the drafts (along the bottom of the slides, for example), and it will hang down and conform to the ground at each new site. Much quicker setup! This brand uses turnbuckles along the sides of the RV, and snaps on the sides of the slideouts.

I will probably get an additional panel to go along the side when the slides aren't out. I figure the RV will be warmer when the slides are in because there's less volume to heat, and when it's that cold I'll definitely want the skirting on...at least for the trips where I'm staying for more than a night.

Putting a worklight inside the skirting can keep some heat on the water lines, too.

Installing Water Component Isolators
Gonna put some valves in the water lines so I can leave the outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen and shower winterized and still use the indoor sink and bathroom in temps right around freezing. (The indoor shower lines run outside the RV above the chassis.)

Insulating Outside Water Lines
Gonna get some foam pipe insulation to wrap around the PEX that's exposed to the elements outside the heated area of the RV. Pics coming...

Solar Power
Panels, extra batteries, etc.

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